The size of Katavi National Park is 4,471 sq km which equal to 1,727 sq miles, this park is allocated in southwest of Tanzania, east of Lake Tanganyika near Mpanda town. The distance from Mpanda town to Katavi headquarters is about 40km or 25 miles.

Katavi National Park is the Tanzania’s third largest national park and also takes Ruaha’s wild to an entirely antithetic level, it kept in a specified state in the remote southwest of the country, within an abbreviated arm of the Rift Valley that terminates in the shallow, contemplative surface area of Lake Rukwa. Far away from other National Park, not hindered and rarely visited, Katavi is a true wilderness, make adequate preparation of the few audacious souls who make it there with an electrifying taste of Africa as it must have been a time period ago.

This park is all about Africa’s Big Game safaris, with selections for camping safaris, walking safaris and encountering the wildlife side by doing the activities in which a particular area engages. But the main interest for game viewing within the park is the Katuma River and connected plain bordering a river such as the seasonal Lakes Katavi and Chada. Katavi’s most famous animals are hippos, lion, leopard, crocodile, buffalo, elephant and many species of antelopes. During the rainy season, these lush, marshy lakes are a haven for myriad water birds, and they also support Tanzania’s having relatively high density stringency’s of hippo and crocodile.

Getting in Katavi National Park:

Regional flight or charter flights from Dar es salaam or Arusha. Driving, but will be very long day. We include Katavi National Park in our itinerary as a fly in and fly out package to one of the selected camps or Lodge.

What to do in Katavi National Park:

walks safari which are always accompanied by a game ranger, also you can explore the far reaches of the park by vehicle, taking in some of the lovely views and keeping an eye out for wildlife viewing and camping safaris. In Near Lake Katavi, visit the tamarind tree colonized by the spirit of the very well known hunter Katabi for whom the park is named providing are still left here by locals seeking the spirit’s blessing.

When to go to Katavi National Park:
You can easily visit Katavi in dry season which is normally in the month of May to October. During the rainy season the roads within the park are often flooded, but may be tolerable from mid December to February.