Selous Game Reserve is the largest game reserve in Africa. At a vast 56,000sqkm it is the size of Switzerland, and is, without question, one of the most important refuges for large mammals on the planet. UNESCO have recognized this by giving it World Heritage status, but they also recognize the pressure on it, and have currently deemed it threatened.

Only the Northern sector, which comprises some 12% of the total area, is set aside for photographic tourism, but this is able to ensure that many routes available to traverse may be done so entirely alone.

The great reserve is home to some of the largest populations of Africa’s mammals including lion, buffalo, hippo and very importantly, African Hunting dogs. The Selous elephant population has for most of the last century been the largest on the continent, but the current poaching crisis, which is blighting many parts of Africa, has affected that status. With around 15,000 elephants (October 2014 census), it remains the second largest single population of any conservancy, but the area can comfortably hold five times that amount.

Climate & Best Times to Visit
Sable Mountain is open all year round but we may be forced to cancel trips or advise against booking during April & May which is the main rainy season in Southern Tanzania. We recommend people avoid April & May to be on the safe side. Whilst you can get to the lodge and possibly do a safari during this period, you will be restricted to using the main all-weather track and to get your best safari we really need to get off road which is impossible when it rains. When it has been raining, animals tend to stay in the bush because they do not need to visit the usual water holes of the dry season and they are therefore more difficult to spot.

The main peak seasons in Selous are July-October and Xmas/New Year. However, January through March is a wonderful time to visit the park. Not only are international flights less expensive, but the reserve is green and lush because of the short rains of November-December. During February lots of animals have their young so not only is the park more beautiful, there is more to see in terms of animals. Whilst the climate is a bit hotter and from late February through March gets quite humid, it should be considered as an excellent period to see game.