The Size of this park is 3,230 sq km 1,250 sq miles, its the fourth largest park in Tanzania and part of a much larger community of interacting organisms and their physical environment centered on the incomparable vast Selous Game Reserve. Mikumi National Park is allocation 283 km 175 miles west of Dar es Salaam, north of Selous, and en route to Ruaha, Udzungwa and for the audacious Katavi.

The National Park is nearest to Morogoro and Dar es Salaam and is settled by combining the resources of the Uluguru Mountains to the northeast, and the Rubeho Mountains, Udzungwa Mountains and Rift Valley steep slope to the south-west. As part of the Selous a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment, it is an advantage from the highest game engineering of the complete environment and conservation area.

The open range of perception and more than adequate wildlife of the Mkata flat plain along the course of a stream, the favorite characteristic of Mikumi, draw a predominant estimate of the similarities to the more renowned Serengeti Plains.

At Mikumi National Park, the move back and forth through by a good tour of game viewing roads, the Mkata Floodplain is used to express uncertainty the virtually authentic place in Tanzania for an instance of seeing of the potent land, the worlds largest antelope. The evenly amazing lesser kudu and sable antelope haunt the miombo covered foothills of the mountains that rise from the park borders. Hippos are the major attraction of the pair of pools situated 5km north of the main access gate, supported by an ever-changing cast of waterbirds. More than 400 different species of birds also have been recognized in the park, with such colorful mutual habitats as the lilac-breasted roller, yellow-throated longclaw and bateleur eagle incorporate by a host of European migrants during the rainy season.

The fauna resident in Mikumi includes many species typical of the African savannah. According to a professional local guide at Mikumi, an opportunity of sighting a lion who climbs a tree bole is larger than in Manyara famous for existence one of a couple of places where the lions exhibit this behavior. The park also includes a division of a species of giraffe, that biologists view the link between the Maasai giraffe and the reticulated or Somali giraffe. Other animals in the park are kudu, zebras, impala, wildebeests, eland, black antelope, elephants, baboons, and buffaloes.

Tourism Activities in Mikumi National Park:

The best tourism activities in the park include game viewing, bird watching, photographic safari, long and short wilderness walking safari which guided by a game ranger, picnic, bush meals “breakfast, lunch, dinner in the untouched bushes. Visit adjacent Udzungwa or make a journey on to Selous or Ruaha.

Visit and Getting In Mikumi National Park:

A well surfaced road connects Mikumi to Dar es Salaam via Morogoro, an approximately 4-hour drive. Also the road connections to Udzungwa, Ruaha and Selous on the dry season only. Regional or Charter flight from Dar es Salaam, Arusha or Selous. Local buses run from Dar to park HQ where game drives can be arranged. Mikumi National Park can be visited all year round.